Mher Mkrtchyan singing at Wearable Technology Show in London

Frunzik (Mher) MkrtchyanMher Mkrtchyan singing at Wearable Technology Show in London
ARLOOPA Augmented / Virtual Reality ARLOOPA Augmented / Virtual Rea
Original experience with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
3D animation of famous Armenian actor Mher Mkrtchyan better known by his stage name Frunzik.

Arloopa Inc. was founded in 2014 with a dedicated mission to enter the world market niche of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Arloopa works with companies, individuals, brands, museums, schools and cities to produce creative content, solutions and applications by means of combining imagination and reality into unique AR/VR experiences. Arloopa Inc. has already developed its own branded and cloud-based AR solution, 10 mobile applications and VR games in the global mobile stores. The company offers both its own AR/VR products and implements contractual services in AR/VR fields.